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Epic Games Launcher is a platform developed by Epic Games primarily known for its popular game Fortnite. It is available on both PC and Mac and focuses mainly on offering games from the Epic Games store. While it has a smaller library compared to the Play Store it features exclusive titles and offers free games periodically which has gained it a dedicated following. Moreover the Epic Games Launcher provides developers with a higher revenue share compared to other platforms. Epic games launcher is similar to Google Play Store. Both platforms serve as digital storefronts for downloading and managing applications and games.

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Epic Games Launcher Details 

App Name : Epic Games Launcher
Package : com.epicgames.portal
Size : 12.5 MB
Version : 5.3.0
Country : United States

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Current Games of Epic Games Store For Android

  • Fortnite
Fortnite developed by Epic Games is a free-to-play battle royale game that quickly became a global sensation. It features a large map where 100 players compete against each other in a fight for survival with the last player or team standing declared as the winner. Fortnite is known for its vibrant graphics building mechanics that allow players to construct structures as defensive or offensive measures and its constant updates and collaboration with popular franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars.

  • Postparty
Postparty on the other hand is a unique multiplayer game developed by the independent studio Ko_Op. It focuses on the social aspect of gaming allowing players to interact and communicate with each other in a party setting. The game takes place in Afterlife Partyland where players navigate through surreal environments and solve puzzles to progress. Postparty offers a visually striking art style a captivating narrative and encourages players to explore and discover its rich world.

  • Rocket League Sideswipe 
Rocket League Sideswipe is the mobile adaptation of the immensely successful Rocket League developed by Psyonix. It retains the core gameplay mechanics of the original game which combines soccer and rocket-powered vehicles. However Rocket League Sideswipe is tailored specifically for mobile devices offering shorter matches simplified controls and a more compact arena. Players can still enjoy competitive online play customize their vehicles and perform gravity-defying stunts while striving to score goals against their opponents.

Fortnite Postparty and Rocket League Sideswipe are all incredibly popular multiplayer video games that offer unique gameplay experiences. While they share certain similarities in terms of their multiplayer nature and the fact that they can be played on various platforms each game brings its own distinct features to the table.


Epic games launcher is similar to Google Play Store, but they don't put any apps from developers other than their own games in their store. But they have some popular games out of which Fortnite is the most popular.
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